Sustainability as a competitive element


By Carsten Jespersen, Managing Director, KE Fibertec AS

Sustainability is a major buzzword of our time. But how do we prevent the term sustainability from ringing hollow and becoming an empty word? KE Fibertec has obtained a Cradle to Cradle certification of the CradleVent® textile duct system with the German EPEA Institute to guarantee that all high environmental standards are met. That is proven sustainability for the benefit of our customers and for the world around us.

The Cradle to Cradle concept means taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of a product, from cradle to cradle, i.e. from manufacturing to recycling. When the textile ducts need replacing, they are returned to us, and we see to it that as many components as possible are recycled into another technical cycle.

Our Cradle to Cradle certification has strengthened our competitive power. The result of our efforts is a sustainable product that is in high demand. Also, within our organization, our efforts have streamlined processes and buying habits and have lead to cost advantages.

Why focus on sustainability?

Sustainable thoughts and responsibility are here to stay. Global environmental problems, more stringent energy requirements in the building industry, and the lack of resources such as coal and oil demands that we bring words into action and start taking an interest in more sustainable and future-proof alternatives. Cradle to Cradle fits perfectly into that equation since you do not use new materials but recycle materials wherever possible.

A focus on the environment reduces CO2 emissions, however, it also means fewer energy costs. Showing respect for the environment is not only responsible and sustainable - it is also good business.

In the matter of sustainability, the employees are another important factor to consider. By prioritizing proper ventilation in the workplace, you prioritize your employees. A healthy indoor climate results in a healthy and efficient staff which again leads to improved bottomline results.

So what are you waiting for? Sustainability begins with you and me, and it is very easy to make a difference!