KE Fibertec says no to chemicals


When you buy a KE Fibertec product you can rest assured that our products have not been treated with antimicrobial additives.

"Why is this important?" you may ask. Well, we know from many years of research that antimicrobials can have a negative impact on both people and the environment, and therefore, we avoid harmful substances in our materials.

Architecture firm Perkins+Will has taken the same standpoint, and in their recently published white paper, they argue that antimicrobial additives can migrate from the products in which they are incorporated, and to them, this is very concerning.

Consequently, Perkins+Will encourages their customers to look for alternative products that do not contain antimicrobial additives.

Read more in the white paper

The initiative is also supported by ASHRAE in the March 9 2017 HVAC&R Industry newsletter.