Fabric ducts with environmental advantages

Fabric ducts are first and foremost associated with good properties in relation to uniform air distribution which is a prerequisite for creating a good indoor climate even in the most demanding environments. A not so well-known feature is the environmental advantages of fabric ducts both in transportation and installation.

All fabric ducts can easily be taken down and washed in a regular washing machine, however, KE Fibertec's washing instructions for fabric ducts should be observed. The specially treated Trevira CS materials absorb no more than 1% of water, even with a relative humidity of over 90%. In extremely humid environments you may choose an anti-microbial treatment that make the fabric ducts resistant to mould and microorganisms.

KE Fibertec's fabric ducts are made of light-weight material that can easily be folded and packed in cardboard boxes for transportation. With every box we include washing instructions and installation instructions.

All KE Fibertec fabric ducts are based on Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified yarns. Our production is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard (Environment). Transportation and disposal of fabric ducts produce less CO2 pollutants than conventional steel ducts.

Fabric ducts are very well-suited for efficient, uniform, and draftt-free distribution of fresh air without "dead zones." Stale and stagnant air may cause fatigue and headache. KE Fibertec's fabric ducts create an effective air change and a good indoor climate in schools, offices, shops, showrooms, and other types of rooms where many people are assembled.

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Fabric ducts are well suited for an efficient, even and draught-free air distribution
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