Fabric duct ventilation improves acoustics


Fabric ducts from KE Fibertec not only meet the need for fresh air and a good indoor climate, but also the client's desire for a customized solution for the room in terms of interior design and colors.

Another important area in good indoor climate is acoustics, where fabric ducts, by virtue of their sound-absorbing properties, help to reduce reverberation and minimize noise in offices etc. Noise is what is commonly called unwanted sound, ie. a sound that irritates, disturbs or damages. A Swedish study has established that the sound environment in workplaces affects the well-being of employees, and a well-dimensioned ventilation system must therefore be quiet. A good indoor climate with good acoustics is important for the well-being and concentration and reduces stress levels among employees.

Due to their soft surface, fabric ducts have a positive effect on the attenuation, as they act as a kind of sound baffle in the ceiling and absorb and refract some of the sound reflected in the ventilated space.

KE Fibertec has supplied fabric ducts to Walkden High School in Manchester, UK. The school's new building was built as part of BSF, Building Schools for the Future, and the fabric ducts contribute to a comfortable and healthy indoor climate for students and staff with a large amount of fresh air in all classrooms without noise or problems of draft.