KE Fibertec offers high quality fabric ductwork solutions

In principle fabric ductwork by KE Fibertec is a textile duct (also called a ventilation duct) that is round, semi-round or quarter-round and made of a light-weight fabric instead of e.g. galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium, designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air. Fabric ductwork from KE Fibertec is based on advanced technical calculations ensuring that the result lives up to expectations.

A fabric ductwork solution from KE Fibertec offers two systems in one as the fabric ducts act both as air supply unit and plenum thus saving many feet of passive duct for air distribution. Fabric ductwork is easily integrated into the design of the building.

As opposed to steel ducting, fabric ductwork by KE Fibertec holds many unique properties and offer a number of advantages:

- Fire approved materials
- Efficient air distribution and good indoor climate
- Unique materials and colors
- Draft-free air distribution
- No condensation problems and no need for insulation
- Light-weight fabric ductwork
- Hygienic and easy to maintain
- Fabric ductwork is easy to transport and install
- 1600 different colours

KE Fibertec offers advice and support from our experienced in-house sales engineers, who have all undergone extensive training on ventilation products and particularly on our fabric ductwork products.

There is an infinite number of combinations of solutions and layout features that can be designed for fabric ductwork, and it is important that its function is specified precisely at the quotation stage. As consultants, we always make great efforts to meet the relevant need with the fabric ductwork solution that we offer our customers. 

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