Fabric air duct systems by KE Fibertec

Fabric air duct systems apply for almost any type of installation and building, irrespective of whether the requirement is for heating, cooling, ventilation, or a replacement air system. Over the years, we have built up a large database of references covering every possible installation using fabric air duct systems. 

For instance, a fabric air duct will provide efficient cooling and ventilation for shops and supermarkets. In food sections the fabric air duct offers directional delivery of air at low temperatures in order to ensure that produce etc. stay fresh.

In shops and non-food sections fabric air duct systems from KE Fibertec ensure comfort for the customers with draft-free air distribution. The fabric air duct can be ordered in a large variety of colors to match the interior design.

Fabric air duct systems from KE Fibertec are hygienic and can easily be taken down for washing, and fabric air duct systems meet the highest requirements on sustainability. KE Fibertec's specially made High Dust Holding Capacity materials extend washing intervals of the fabric air duct considerably and reduce maintenance costs.

A wide product range enables KE Fibertec to offer the best possible fabric air duct solution for shops and supermarkets.

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