Fabric ducting from KE Fibertec reaches Olympic heights.

While Olympic athletes prepared for the competition of their lives, fabric ducting supplier KE Fibertec provided an efficient air distribution system and thus made sure that the indoor climate was comfortable for the contests to unfold.

KE Fibertec was involved in a number of sports arenas at the 2012 Olympics in London. One of them is Mayesbrook Arena in Barking - a 53,820 sq. ft. sports hall which has space for up to 3,000 spectators. At the Olympics, the arena staged events such as handball and athletics, and Paralympians taking part in judo and wheelchair rugby also used the arena. 

Sustainable and future-proof solutions

Mayesbrook Arena was officially opened by rowing champion Sir Steve Redgrave, and he was very enthusiastic about the building. "The equipment is world class," he said, and to him it was very important that it would continue to be used after the Olympics, addressing the fact that you still find "abandoned" Olympic sports arenas around the world.

Going for gold

The Olympic games are about doing your very best and this also goes for our fabric duct system. Only the very best materials have been used, resulting in high quality and the best specifications to match the requirements.

The DireJet Vario nozzle system supplies 2,077,915 ft.of air for both heating and cooling of the sports hall from a height of 39.4 ft. 60 mm nozzles were chosen to ensure that the heated buoyant air would be able to reach floor level. The 328 ft. wide space is served by just two runs of evenly spaced DireJet Vario fabric duct.

In addition to the main hall, in the Elite gym, an Inject hybrid fabric system was chosen to condition the 197 ft. long space quietly from a single run of ductwork.

Adam Taylor, Internal Sales Manager with KE Fibertec UK, is very happy with the result and the cooperation with both consulting engineers and contractors: "This project has indeed been very exciting and also somewhat different from what we are used to. And we feel proud to play a small part in the biggest sports event in the world," he adds.

Olympic applications:

  • Olympic Village Dining Halls & Shopping Area (High level KE-Direjet coated ducts on wire)

  • Aquatics Centre. Ducting under the stands / seating to create laminar flow & Hospitality Area

  • Water Polo Venue Main Pool & Training Pool (High level KE-Direjet coated ducts on Safetrack)

  • Olympic ODA Swimming Training Pools in temporary structures / tents (High level KE-Inject coated ducts on wire)

  • Heathrow Temporary Portal - Temporary Structure for the 3 days after the event for all the Olympians to check in and go through security prior to flying off (KE-Direjet coated ducts on Safetrack)

  • IBC Office & Media Centre - Multi-color ducts in the offices for fresh air and cooling; each of the 5 floors was a different color, the colors of the Olympic rings (KE Inject LDC material)

  • Basildon Sporting Village - Leisure Centre Built last year with an Olympic 164 ft. pool for training prior to games (KE-Direjet coated ducts on Safetrack)

  • Mayesbrook Sporting Area - The UKs largest multi-use Indoor Sports hall (KE-Direjet coated ducts on Safetrack)

  • London Excel Table Tennis Arena - Large 6,562 ft. ducts around the entire spectator area to help minimize air movement in the playing areas

  • Temporary Basketball Courts

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