Airsox is a good choice for ventilation, heating, or cooling. Airsox is a fabric duct system to be used in office buildings, schools, laboratories, showrooms, industry buildings and other applications where you want a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

Airsox come in all shapes and sizes
KE Fibertec develops and markets three main airsox product groups, which can all be supplied in three different geometries. In passive low impulse systems the air diffuses through a permeable material. In high impulse systems air is distributed solely through holes (KE Inject System) or nozzles (KE-DireJet System). The hybrid airsox models are a combination of the passive low impulse systems and the lasered Inject holes or DireJet nozzles. 

Versatile airsox
Flexibility and tailored airsox products are the hallmark of our solutions. This allows you to freely choose the size that best suits your design rather than having to be tied to a particular number of standard solutions. In addition to this, the options offered when it comes to selecting airsox layouts, colors, offsets, elbows, branch ducts and materials are endless, not to mention that you can choose whether the airsox system will be passive (low impulse), hybrid or active (high impulse). In a nutshell, there could not be more options available for achieving optimum air distribution.

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