Air sock ducts for cooling and ventilating of sports facilities

KE Fibertec has many years of experience in dimensioning energy-efficient air sock duct systems that meet the demands for quality air distribution during sports events.

Air sock duct systems ensure correct ventilation and heating throughout the arena and seats and without compromising comfort. Further, air sock duct systems are maintenance-friendly and much easier to handle and install than conventional steel duct systems.

The KE-DireJet System and the KE-Inject Hybrid System are very suited for ventilating sports venues such as fitness centres, sports arenas, ice rinks and swimming pool facilities where these air sock duct types will provide directional delivery of air through nozzles or lasercut holes fitted in the duct material.

In this way the air sock duct will deliver the air to designated areas thus avoiding draft in the spectator area or other areas.

Air sock duct systems as sustainable solution

An air sock duct solution by KE Fibertec is an optimum choice that combines function, energy-efficiency, and appearance. The air sock duct systems are available in numerous customized colors and shapes to match the design of the building.

Air sock duct systems are made of materials that have been tested and approved according to highest standards. Furthermore, KE Fibertec can also offer air sock duct systems that have been approved as Cradle to Cradle certified products.

This certification proves the sustainability of the product and that KE Fibertec takes responsibility for its entire life cycle from cradle to cradle, i.e. from manufacturing to recycling.

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