Case: Andresen Towers A/S

Textile Based Ventilation in the Wind Power Industry

The manufacturer of customized solutions for the wind power industry had a textile based ventilation system installed in a 100 metre long production hall. The round KE-DireJet® textile ducts with nozzles provide for a uniform air distribution without draught problems. This will give the employees at Andresen Towers a healthy indoor climate and thus a good working environment.

The textile ducts are made of LDC material that is woven of flame retardant FR yarns. The materials meet the demands of the Danish fire standard DS 428, B-s1, d0 and the EU standard EN 13501-1.

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The rails from KE Fibertec are all supplied cut to the same length as the textile duct to simplify installation
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Efficient ventilation is good for the indoor climate
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