HDC materials

The capability of the materials to carry dust is highly dependent on the structure of the weave. High Dust Capacity materials (HDC) are made of staple fibre yarns, i.e. yarns that are spun of 38 mm long thin fibres. The final yarn is made by twisting two yarns into one yarn that is used both in warp and weft direction (length- and crosswise of abric).

The result is a fabric that is capable of carrying a large amount of dust without blocking the air flow through the material. Such blocking would require washing of the textile duct to ensure the distribution of the calculated quantity of air at the calculated pressure loss.

KE Fibertec offers a variety of product types according to the relevant needs and type of installation. All low impulse systems and hybrid high impulse systems are basically dimensioned using materials with a high DHC, whereas we use materials with a lower DHC for very active systems (more than 30% of air through holes or nozzles). The reason for this is that the dust particles in these systems do not cause the same rise in pressure in the duct as most of the dust just penetrates the holes or nozzles.

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The rails from KE Fibertec are all supplied cut to the same length as the textile duct to simplify installation
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