To ensure that KE Fibertec's stringent quality requirements are met, all its textile materials are woven at KE Fibertec's own textile mill (KE Fibertec Væveri). This allows us to ensure that the entire process from yarn to finished product has gone through our ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Our textile mill currently uses the latest technology, including state-of-the-art air-jet looms. This means that we are able, in collaboration with our development department, to develop new and better materials at any time, all for the benefit of the finished fabric's quality and of the end user, too.

KE Fibertec Væveri manufactures more than 40 different product varieties from Trevira CS polyester materials woven in 10 different permeabilities and in different colours, to antistatic materials and Nomex special blends.

KE Fibertec uses only dyed and heat-treated yarns, which are heat fixed under constant supervision in order to achieve the most uniform and shrink-stable product possible. As a result, we are now able to offer the best guarantee on the market of maximum shrinkage of 0.5%.

All the materials are also permeability-stabilised, which ensures the proper passage of air even after washing. This is absolutely crucial to the function of the textile ducts. For example, large variations in permeability will lead to excess consumption of energy if the material's weave is too tight or to pulsations around the inlet because the material's weave has become too loose.

KE Fibertec exclusively uses Trevira CS polyester fabric, which meets the requirements for flame retardant materials and is fire approved according to EN 13501, DS 428 B-s1, d0 (Denmark), SIS 65 00 82 (Sweden), DIN 4102-B1 (Germany), NFP-92501-1-M1 (France), UL NFPA 90A-1993 (USA), and MoD HH52/92 (UK).

Material types

HDC (High Dustholding Capacity) LDC (Low Dustholding Capacity)

HDC (High Dustholding Capacity)

LDC (Low Dustholding Capacity)

Nomex Antistatisk
Nomex Antistatic
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Cleanroom Inject-coated materials


We offer a wide selection of standard colours and with extra payment we can supply you with textile ducts in whatever colour you need, eg. according to the RAL colour system.


Logo print

KE Fibertec also offers logo or text prints on the textile duct. Please contact our export department for further information.

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Our materials are Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certified
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