Case: FLSmidth R&D Center Dania

FLSmidth chose InTex®

Caverion has long-term experience
with textile ducting for ventilation,
heating and cooling.

This solution was also preferred by
FLSmidth R&D Center Dania - this
time including the InTex system for 
monitoring the pressure and 
temperature in the ducts. 

When the textile ducts need to be
washed, Caverion will receive a
notification and they can then
contact FLSmidth to arrange for
the ducts to be removed. 

By washing when it is time
FLSmidth can maintain a healthy
indoor climate while saving energy
at the same time.


Energy savings and troubleshooting with InTex

FLSmidth R&D Center Dania used to wash their textile ducts on a regular basis every 6 months. Today, they only wash the ducts when required, i.e. when InTex informs them that it is time. This has resulted in energy savings of approx. EUR 2,000 already the first year after installation of InTex and has prolonged the life of the ducts.

InTex can also be used for troubleshooting. If FLSmidth experience problems with the air exchange and the indoor climate a special InTex web portal will tell the exact number of ducts that are supplying too much or too little air, if the inlet air temperature is correct or if a unit is off.

FLSmidth R&D Center Dania

"InTex® has added extra value to our
service concept which makes it easier for
us to plan the washing and maintenance
intervals of our customers' ventilation

We are continuously kept up-to-date on
the performance of the textile ducts, this
means that we know exactly when to wash
them. We do not wash unnecessarily and
never too late.

By doing so, the customer can maintain
a healthy indoor climate and at the same
time save considerable energy as a clean
duct will consume less power."

Bjarne Vig, Project Manager, Caverion


Production hall

On the InTex® web portal it shows that
the system is turned on in the morning
in order to reach the right temperature in
the production hall when the first
employees arrive.

KE material:

Total pressure (Pt):

Total air volume:

KE Low Impulse
Trevira CS HDC
Light Grey
(RAL 9002) 
125 Pa
81 Pa
38,000 m3/h
(4 x 9,500 m3/h)

A: System is turned off in late afternoon

B: System is turned on again in the morning

Air pressure


Analysis facility

The basic ventilation guarantees that
the room air is never stagnant. Depending
on room application, occupants, operating
fume cupboards, etc. the air volume of the
system will automatically go up and down.

KE material:
Total pressure (Pt):
Total air volume:
KE Interior
Trevira CS HDC
Light Grey (RAL 9002)
110 Pa*)
101 Pa
2,190 m3/h

*) at dimensioned maximum air volume

A: For every fume cupboard that is
activated the air exchange will increase

B: As fume cupboards are turned off, the
air volume of the textile duct will drop,
but never below 750 m3/h which is the
ventilation limit

Air pressure




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