Fourth year of record sales

By Man. Director Carsten Jespersen, KE Fibertec AS

The year that was

On the threshold of 2017 we were concerned about the political development on our main markets, especially the UK and the USA, but fortunately our worries turned out to be groundless. 2017 has been a very good and busy year with immense activity not least during the summer months. KE Fibertec now expects to reach their fourth consecutive record result that can be ascribed to large growth both on the top and the bottom line.

In 2017 it has not been any single market or specific orders that have made the difference. We have seen a positive development on almost all our export markets, perhaps with the exception of Turkey. Germany in particular and some of the Asian markets stand out and we expect to build on them in 2018. Any effects in 2018 and onwards of the politically unsettled UK Brexit situation are very difficult to predict.

We want to focus on what we can change which is why we continue our expansive sales strategy in all our subsidiaries, including the UK - one of our most lucrative markets. Therefore our expectations of the growth in sales in 2018 are positive. We must take advantage of the economic tailwinds on many markets and with the implementation of our state-of-the-art design program TBV Designer, we will be able to present layouts and technology in a much more visual quality than is the case today. Good air distribution does not show, but it will in future by means of our TBV Designer software, and we are looking very much forward to introducing it to our customers.

In 2016 we introduced a new ceiling panel product - FBS Panels - that can be fitted in almost all types of suspended ceilings. Version 1.0 was primarily developed for draft-free personal ventilation right above the office work station. With our latest generation 2.0 we have expanded our product range and now cover a wider spectrum of solutions for comfort ventilation, both personal ventilation and background ventilation.

This means that we are now able to supply all types of office facilities, laboratories, operating rooms in hospitals, etc. In 2018 an online dimensioning module will be added to our website and with 48 hours delivery time of the most common panel types we feel well positioned to service our Danish installation contractors with this new concept in textile based ventilation.

KE Fibertec in new consortium cooperation 

Considering the increased focus on energy efficiency and better insulated buildings it is important to also keep a healthy indoor climate in mind. A ventilation system represents a relatively large part of the total energy consumption of buildings, but nevertheless we repeatedly experience inadequate commissioning and system maintenance as well as not adjusting to changed usage patterns.

The Danish ventilation trade is characterized by involving many different professions in a project. The question is if we as a trade are doing our best to cooperate across the various professions to ensure that the finished product meets the expectations of the end user or if we are too silo-oriented? Do our customers know what to expect and what to observe after commissioning? Not according to our unscientific experiences from a new consortium cooperation at Vent2Learn.

KE Fibertec has joined an interesting cooperation in which we together with DTU (the Technical University of Denmark) have developed a special textile duct system for CO2-optimized school ventilation. Together with a number of subsuppliers of ventilation components the Vent2Learn consortium offers a complete concept solution for private and public schools. Our experiences from the initial deliveries are very positive, and internally in the consortium we have already leant much from each other's expertise and specialist fields.

With continuous monitoring of temperature, air humidity, CO2, and noise in a number of reference class rooms we are able to get online information on whether the room ventilation works and wheter we meet the requirements for 1000 ppm CO2. One of the biggest surprises and unknown quantities in the 'healthy indoor climate' eqation has been user behaviour or changes in the anticipated user behaviour.

We may design, install, adjust, and deliver a good ventilation solution, but three months after commissioning all conditions may change. If we do not include user behaviour in our service concept, but simply settle for replacing the prefilters once a year, then we do not solve the indoor climate problem of each individual school.

Cooperation across professional groups of the trade - either as consortiums or via more informal structures - is a beginning, however, we need much more focus on system operation and user behaviour after delivery of the ventilation systems. That requires constant indoor climate data collection and an understanding by the local authorities or the private school that healthy indoor climate is not a one-off investment, but an on-going process to be optimized and adjusted to the actual demand.

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Fourth year of record sales
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Textile ducts are well suited for an efficient, even and draught-free air distribution
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Efficient air distribution and a healthy indoor climate
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