Best result in the history of KE Fibertec

2015 was an incredible year in every way and with the best result in the history of KE Fibertec. In the course of the year we have set a number of records and several of our subsidiaries have performed far better that ever, says Managing Director Carsten Jespersen.

The total ordinary group result reached approx. 14.1 million DKK before taxes and the net result was 10.6 million DKK. The overall group turnover went up by approx. 9% and despite difficult market terms on several markets such as Turkey, almost all subsidiaries have experienced growth. 

KE Fibertec's key figures over the last 3 years:

KE Group Key Figures [M DKK] 2015 2014 2013
Turnover N/A N/A N/A
Gross Earnings 55.743 50.664 43.379


18.698 14.329 11.093


15.237 11.270 8.211
Ordinary result before taxes 14.125 10.180 7.348
Net Profit 10.625 7.547 5.348

Balance sheet total 48.297 47.465 44.644
Equity capital 18.075 22.904 21.178

KE Fibertec AS is credit rated AAA by Bisnode Denmark

Since 2012 we have spent a great amount of resources on upgrading our entire IT system. Initially by implementing a new ERP system throughout the group (Microsoft Axapta 2012) and most recently the ongoing introduction of our state-of-the-art TBV Designer software and new laser software that electronically translates all data for our laser cutters, Carsten Jespersen continues.

We have great expectations of these new IT systems, especially by way of more visually attractive quotations, better documentation on drawings and a quicker and more flexible turnaround time from order confirmation until delivery.

In addition, we have invested over 2.5 million DKK in expanding our Czech production so that in future we may offer both laser-cutting and completion of specific product lines at our plant in Varnsdorf.

These initiatives are meant to increase our flexibility and reduce our cost prices, says Carsten Jespersen.

Moreover, at the beginning of 2016 and as one of the first companies in Denmark we have been recertified according to the revised Quality Management Standard ISO-9001:2015 and the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2015. We are still certified according to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard.

All things considered we are very happy with this development and our expectations for 2016 are on a par with 2015, Carsten Jespersen concludes.



  • KE Fibertec is the world's leading manufacturer of textile based ventilation
  • The group includes the parent company in Vejen, Denmark, and seven subsidiaries in Europe, Turkey and the USA
  • We have around 120 employees, of these around 50% abroad
  • Owned by Jysk-Fynsk Kapital (70%) and KE Pulje ApS (30%). KE-Pulje is owned by the day-to-day management of KE Fibertec (Managing Director Carsten Jespersen, Production Director Johnny Kusk Møller and Financial Manager Svend Anker Fogh).

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