A continuous effort

Today, 40% of the world’s carbon emissions can be related to construction and buildings. Therefore the focus is not only on a higher degree of sustainable construction, but also on increased documentation and certification. KE Fibertec has for many years worked purposefully and intensively with sustainability with a focus on making a difference and impacting the climate as little as possible as a leading manufacturer of textile-based ventilation. We develop and optimize our products and processes with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Certification of sustainable construction

Although the ventilation system is often only a small part of the overall building, we want to help our customers to create an overview with the necessary documentation. In cooperation with Ramboll, we have developed complete documentation packages for consultants, contractors and architects that make visible how our textile based ventilation solutions score points in the overall certification of a sustainable building.

Learn more about how textile ducting can contribute to your next project

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We make a difference

The figure shows the weighting of the DGNB criteria where our textile based ventilation solutions can have an impact when certified according to the DGNB standard - New buildings and major renovations, version 2020.

Why textile based ventilation?

• Less waste with customised solutions
• Cradle to Cradle approved materials and colours
• Fire approved materials
• Energy optimized solution
• Hygienic and easy to wash
• Quick installation and commissioning
• Lower fuel consumption during transport
• Rail system for suspension supplied to measure

Contact us

René Frimodt 
Sales Manager
Mail: rf@ke-fibertec.dk
Mobile: +45 28 94 23 35

A powerful tool for construction

Today, 40% of the world's CO2 emissions can be related to construction and buildings. The focus is therefore not only on higher levels of sustainable construction, but also on increased documentation and certification. 

Den mest anvendte er DGNB-standarden, der med fokus på mere end 40 kriterier, dokumenterer bygningers bæredygtighed inden for fx miljøpåvirkning, luftkvalitet, indeklima og energi- og ressourceforbrug. Derudover findes Den frivillige bæredygtighedsklasse, som er et nyere initiativ. Til begge dele er tekstilbaseret ventilation i almindelighed og vores CradleVent® i særdeleshed et stærkt bidrag.

Action behind the words

"We want to give our customers relevant documentation and materials, which provide a quick overview and help with an easier process in what can sometimes be a complex and comprehensive project description, especially when it comes to larger construction projects. We have had a positive collaboration with Ramboll in preparing comprehensive documentation on how our textile based ventilation solutions can give points for a certification of a sustainable construction.”

Anders Olsen
Development Manager
KE Fibertec AS