Textile ducts in new sustainable greenhouse


The new building of the VB Group in Holland shows "that things can be done differently". As a turnkey player in greenhouse horticulture with a focus on total projects, energy and climate, they have built a new building with a GPR sustainability certificate on the theme areas energy, environment, health, user quality and future value.

The building no longer has a gas supply, but heat pumps and heat/cold buffers heat and cool the atrium, the offices and the workshop.There are 390 solar panels on the roof of the industrial hall, good for 110,000 KWh per year and enough for VB to be energy neutral.

In the beautiful atrium with a 15 metres high glass construction, KE Fibertec, as construction partner, designed and installed a customised textile air distribution system for this project. Please, pay attention to the detail where we have devised a special suspension so that the lighting could be hung in the same line as the textile air ducts.