Good indoor climate with sustainable ventilation

With textile ducts you not only ensure an efficient, uniform and draught-free distribution of fresh air for a good indoor climate, but you also choose a climate-friendly solution

Good indoor climate with sustainable ventilation

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A part of something bigger

We take our social responsibility as a company seriously and are driven by creating solutions that not only leave the smallest possible imprint, but also create the healthiest possible indoor climate. That is why we work in a structured way with CSR and sustainability in all aspects of the company. The investments required are common sense to us. Especially when we take into account that our work also benefits our customers in the form of greener profiles and more sustainable solutions.

We make a difference

In 2012, when we were able to introduce the market to the world’s first Cradle to Cradle certified ventilation solution, it was the culmination of many years of work. We design products that benefit rather than harm the environment and at the same time recognize the growing lack of resources.

CradleVent is our solution for a future-proof and sustainable product for air distribution in offices, schools, laboratories, sports halls, public buildings and other comfort environments.

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Our brochure on sustainability

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We raise the bar

In July 2021, KE Fibertec achieved certification by Bureau Veritas in four areas of the UN Global Goals. The four areas have been chosen on the basis of our perception of where we can make the greatest impact. By being certified by an independent and recognized certification body, we take our work with sustainability a step further and can document that we make a difference.

A step in the right direction

  • Clean water and sanitation

    Climate change and increasing temperatures on a global scale mean that water scarcity is a widespread problem. We are committed to conserving the planet’s resources and have made extensive water-saving efforts in the dyeing of our yarns so we only offer Cradle to Cradle-approved colours. This equals a 67% reduction in water consumption and wastewater, corresponding to 1 million litres of water annually.

  • Sustainable energy

    In our efforts to become carbon-neutral in 2030, we focus on minimising dependence on fossil fuels and instead using new, alternative energy sources. Since 2014 we have used 100% wind power at our Danish factories, head office, and weaving mill. We also focus on converting our gas heating to a carbon neutral energy source and thus contributing to promoting sustainable energy.

  • Decent work and economic growth

    KE Fibertec works purposefully with CSR throughout the company by taking social responsibility and contributing to a positive development. At the same time, we contribute to economic growth and development with a sustainable aim. We focus on the entire value chain and follow the UN Global Compact on human rights, anti-corruption and the environment, and our major partners and suppliers have signed the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. KE Fibertec is certified according to ISO 45001:2018 to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Responsible consumption and production

    For a number of years we have worked purposefully to reduce our footprint in consumption and production, both in relation to waste and CO2. In continuation of our Cradle to Cradle certification, we currently recycle leftover yarns to produce bulb cords for suspension of the ducts, which has resulted in a reduction of approx. 7 tons of leftover yarn. At the same time, we have reduced waste material from our laser cutting machines by 38 tons and through a number of initiatives in production have reduced our carbon footprint by 52% per turnover DKK, compared to 2010.

The course is set

As a company, we have never been afraid to set ambitious climate goals. We make the necessary investments and we work strategically and systematically throughout the company to meet our goals. Not only because we as a company have a responsibility, but also because the investments are read through lower energy costs, less waste and unique competitive advantages.

What we do today!

• Use 100% wind power
• Carry out environmental mapping every 3 years
• Reduce wastewater by 67%
• Reduce carbon emissions by 52% since 2010
• Optimise the use of resources in production
• Offer life-extending maintenance on our products

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Documented sustainability

In collaboration with Ramboll, we have worked out documentation packages for how our textile based ventilation solution can contribute to the criteria for a DGNB certification of sustainable construction. We want to give our customers the right advice with a quick overview from the start of the project and can offer complete documentation packages showing how our solution can contribute according to the criteria.

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Certification according to BREEAM standard

KE Fibertec is now ready with even more documentation showing how a textile based ventilation solution can contribute to the certification of a sustainable building. Once again in collaboration with Ramboll, we have produced a report documenting how our products can contribute to a BREEAM UK New Construction certification with the GreenWeave and MultiWeave materials.

Contact us today on +45 75 36 42 00 to find out more about how we can help you achieve certification for your next ventilation project.

Sustainable benefits with textile ducting

• Good indoor climate with efficient air distribution results in lower energy consumption
• Flexible and customised solutions reduce material waste
• Low weight means less fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions during transport
• Maintenance programs extend life
• Option of recycling end-of-life CradleVent® systems